Four Attic Renovation Ideas to Give New Life to Unused Space

If you are lucky enough to have an attic in your home but haven’t used this space for anything more than storage, then it’s time to reconsider its use. An attic can be used for almost any kind of space, as long as it has been designed correctly to meet your needs.

There are many ways to include an attic in your living space to ensure that you get the most out of your home and your family’s needs are met. Cleaning out your attic and reclaiming the space for your family is a wonderful way to make sure that you use all of your space to the best of your ability.

Slanted ceiling living room. Modern bright flat apartment in the attic

Consider a Sunroom

If you are lucky enough to have an attic with a sharply slanted roof, then installing windows into the roof can allow you to enjoy a sunroom in the upstairs of your home. Homeowners are often amazed at how much natural light they can enjoy through this simple renovation project. What was once a dark and drab space will quickly become filled with light.

A sunroom in your old attic is a great way to open up space and provide a reading nook for family members, a guest room, and even an escape for the family member who has a green thumb and wants a place to grow plants.

Make a Home Office

While adding an additional bedroom to your home is often the most common attic renovation completed by homeowners, this space is also ideal for a home office. It’s easy to add built-in bookshelves to the walls when you are finishing your attic to store all of your books and papers. A window at the end of the attic lets in natural light and provides a perfect place for your desk.

Healthy sleep cartoon vector concept with happy smiling woman in nightie, sitting on bed and stretching after waking up at morning illustration. Comfortable bedroom or guest room on attic interior

Because your home office won’t be on the main level of the home, you’re much more likely to get all of your work accomplished. Being able to spend time by yourself in your home office ensures that you have the quiet that you need to work.

Create a Recording Studio

Aspiring musicians need a great place to be able to create music and practice their instruments without disturbing the rest of the family, but in a small home,, it’s often difficult to find the perfect space for this use. An unused attic is ideal for this purpose. It’s easy to put up plenty of insulation during the attic renovation proces so that nobody in the home is disturbed by the music being played.

Having a dedicated space for music ensures creative freedom for musicians. Additionally, with a dedicated space for practice and recording, band members can get together without bothering the rest of the family.

Add an Additional Bedroom

Probably the most common attic renovation project is to add an additional bedroom to the house. Depending on the size of your attic, this new bedroom can be very expansive with plenty of open space for children to play, in addition to their regular bedroom. When renovating your attic to become a bedroom, you will be able to leave some structural details such as exposed beams, for interest if you desire.

Attic as living room with sofa and modern interior design (3D Rendering)

If you need an extra bedroom in your home, but don’t want any of your family members sleeping in the attic on a regular basis, then this is an ideal place for a suite for visitors. Your out of town guests will love having their own space in your home where they can retire in the evenings.

Whether you need another bedroom in your home, want an office or recording studio for members of the family to have some time alone, or love the idea of a hidden sunroom in your old attic, an attic renovation project may be just what you need to give new life to your home and your space.  By considering the needs of your family and how you can use your attic to the best of your ability, you can make sure that everybody in your home gets the most from your old attic. Instead of allowing your attic space to simply be a place to put old boxes and unused belongings, reclaiming it will allow you to turn this space into a stunning and functional part of your home.