How to Transform Your Basement into a Movie Theatre

Basements are the perfect spots to set up home movie theatres. Compared to the upper floors, the basement is more insulated, darker, and easier to soundproof.

While the basement is a wonderful location for a home theatre, you may need to deal with a little preparation. Proper planning and some hard work will help you create the ultimate home entertainment experience in your very own basement.

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Take Care of the Humidity and Moisture

Basements tend to get humid, especially if you have minor flooding or leaks during severe weather. Before you place expensive electronics in your basement, you want to ensure that they are protected against moisture, mold, and water.

If you have water or high humidity levels in the basement, find the leak. You may need to clean or repair your gutters and downspouts or add soil around your property to prevent water from penetrating the basement.

You may also seal the basement with waterproofing paint or sealant. This provides an extra barrier against moisture and water from the soil.

The final step in dealing with humidity is to install a dehumidifier. These small appliances take the moisture out of the air, creating the perfect environment for your electronics.

While these steps may seem unnecessary, you do not want to short-circuit your television or receiver. Take the time to prepare the basement before adding electronics.

Soundproof Your Basement to Block Noise

With a soundproof basement, no one will hear you scream. You can turn up the volume while watching your favorite movies without waking up the neighborhood.

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You can purchase insulation that is designed to provide sound-dampening effects. Use this insulation in the ceiling to create a barrier between the basement and the floor above. You may also add soundproofing drywall.

While soundproofing is not a requirement, it does help create the ideal space for your home movie theatre.

Choose the Right Size Television for Your Basement

After you have cleaned, sealed, and soundproofed your basement, you are ready to start arranging your personal movie theatre. However, you first need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment.

You want the television to be large but not too large. If the television is too large for the small basement, you and your guests will spend the entire evening craning your necks to view the screen.

There are many different methods for determining what size television you can fit in a room. The easiest solution is to determine how far away you plan on sitting from the TV.

Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the television and the couch. Divide the distance in inches in half to determine what size of TV you should get.

For example, you plan to place the couch about seven feet away from the wall where the TV is going to be placed. The distance of 84 inches allows you to use up to a 42-inch television.

Install Your Surround-Sound Speaker System

The next step is to install your sound system. A surround-sound system should include satellite speakers that are positioned to the sides and slightly behind your seating position.

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To experience the surround-sound system the way it is intended to be heard, you should carefully position each speaker. The speakers should all point directly toward your seat.

The smaller surround-sound speakers should be mounted to the walls or placed on stands to position them one or two feet above your ear level.

Choose Comfortable Furniture and Lighting

The final stages of creating a home movie theatre include adding furniture and lighting. Choose comfortable furniture that provides enough space for you and your guests. If you do not regularly invite people over, then consider adding a big, comfortable recliner in the center of the basement.

Basements tend to be dark, which is great for a movie theatre. However, you may want to add some lighting. If possible, install a dimmer switch for better control over the lighting.

Converting a space in your house into your own personal movie theatre involves more than simply getting a large television and a quality sound system. Keep these tips in mind if you want to transform your basement into a private viewing room.

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